John Oliver’s promise to eat McDonalds and drink Bud Light Lime in the unlikely event that Sepp Blatter would step down seems... almost condescending? Higher than thou? It’s just stupid beer and junk fast food. I’d drink that stupid beer without irony.

But the studio audience totally goes for it (and it provided Monday morning #content for all!). “OHH!” They recoil and applaud when Oliver takes a bite of a cheap hamburger as though he’s jumping neck deep into some trough of festering lard and sipping run-off swill from a piss factory. I guess that’s the joke—that he’s treating some mediocre product as a silly punishment, but to me it comes across as “I will taste food of the commoners in retribution for my skeptical satirical barb turned truth! Hand me a sanded-wich from the local slophouse.”


If anyone would like to applaud me while drinking a beer and eating junk food, meet me in the parking lot behind Del Taco tonight!!!

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