Four or five years ago in film school (from which I eventually dropped out), I had an assignment to make a movie using an old 16mm wind-up Bolex camera. I didn't feel like making a normal narrative; instead, I lugged that clunky camera and a tripod around San Francisco and shot some timelapse footage.


Mind you, I didn't have any sort of automatic timer to control the old camera, so I literally stood in place while manually progressing the film, frame by frame, sometimes nudging the camera along to create a panning timelapse. Tedious as fuck. Most shots are about 15-20 minutes compressed into 15-20 seconds.

With one roll of film left, I needed to create a unifying theme for all the timelapse footage, so I asked a girl I knew to walk around pretending to take pictures. She's using a magic camera, I guess; I wasn't too concerned with the story.


All of the film was pretty glitchy—it's not easy using a forty year old camera—so I used glitchy music. Unfortunately the footage is literally just a mini-dv camera recording a projection of the film because professional telecine scans can be quite expensive. A lot of work for a small pay-off—my peers in the class were indifferent—but I like it. Took fuckin' hours luggin' a tripod and camera around the city. It makes me happy to watch it and remember that drudgery.

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