Let’s talk about WALL-E for a minute. The widely-praised Pixar film was released in 2008, and stars a little trash-compacting robot who is seemingly the last “living” thing on earth. The bot toils away at his job, collecting trash into towers of cubes in some futile effort to clean the planet for future generations,


What a charming little song and music video. The Wes Andersonesque cinematography is nice and the color design is lovely. Some folks might find this self-aware style to be too twee, but I am certainly the target audience—sweet and sad and pretty is my bread and butter—and I did even try to teach myself ukulele (fairly


About four years ago I did one of those 48-hour film contests with my friends. They gave us a few requirements: we had to use the line "I believe anyone can change," one character had to be name Claude or Claudette and be a guitarist, and the required prop was a hat—and after learning these requirements we had to