The Most Interesting Thing About the New Dragon Ball Movie is the CGI

Dragon Ball story lines are silly and mundane–oh no, it’s the most powerful person in the universe… until there is someone more powerful–but I enjoy them because I enjoy that world and those characters, and it’s fun. As such, the most interesting thing about the recent movie, Resurrection F, isn’t the blue hair or the… »10/25/15 6:32pm10/25/15 6:32pm

WALL-E and Me

Let’s talk about WALL-E for a minute. The widely-praised Pixar film was released in 2008, and stars a little trash-compacting robot who is seemingly the last “living” thing on earth. The bot toils away at his job, collecting trash into towers of cubes in some futile effort to clean the planet for future generations,… »9/29/15 9:36pm9/29/15 9:36pm

How You Work: Poppy Dinsey, Entrepreneur and Fashion Blogger

Five years ago to the day, Poppy Disney launched WIWT, or What I Wore Today, for people who are interested in fashion to share images of their outfits and links to where interested parties could find the respective outfits for purchase. It started as a personal blog and grew to become an online community with its… »1/01/15 3:13pm1/01/15 3:13pm